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Paukkeri, Tuuli; Ravaska, Terhi & Riihelä, Marja
Examining Inequalities: From Labour Markets to Social Outcomes in Finland
Hyväksytty julkaistavaksi, Fiscal Studies
Jouste, Maria; Kanbur, Ravi; Pirttilä, Jukka and Rattenhuber, Pia (toim.)
Poor Protection: The Role of Taxes and Social Benefits in the Developing World During Crises
Hyväksytty julkaistavaksi, Oxford University Press
Ebrahim, Amina; Kisanga, Elineema; Leyaro, Vincent; Mhede, Edwin; Mdee, Ephraim; Palviainen, Heikki & Pirttilä, Jukka
The Effects of a Risk-based Approach to Tax Examinations: Evidence from a Tax Pilot Programme in Tanzania
Hyväksytty julkaistavaksi, International Tax and Public Finance
Kotakorpi, Kaisaⓡ; Nurminen, Tuomasⓡ; Miettinen, Topiⓡ; Metsälampi, Satu ⓡ
Bearing the Burden — Implications of Tax Reporting Institutions on Evasion and Incidence
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 220, Pages 81-134, April 2024
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Top-End Inequality and Growth: Empirical Exploration of Nonlinearities and the Time Dimension
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Tax Policy Design in a Hierarchical Model with Occupational Decisions
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Household Portfolio Choice before and after a House Purchase
Real Estate Economics, September 2023
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Innovators, Followers and Laggards in Home Solar PV: Factors Driving Diffusion in Finland
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Design and Evaluation of the Finnish Basic Income Experiment
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Relabeling, Retirement and Regret
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Does Sending Letters Increase the Take-Up of Social Benefits? Evidence from a new benefit program
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Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 112, March 2022

FIT working papers

Annika Nivala
(No) Effects of Subsidizing the First Employee: Evidence of a Low Take-up Puzzle Among Firms
FIT Working Paper 23, kesäkuu 2024
Jarkko Harju, Kaisa Kotakorpi, Tuomas Matikka & Annika Nivala
How Do Firms Respond to Risk-based Tax Audits?
FIT Working Paper 22, kesäkuu 2024
Salla Kalin, Tomi Kyyrä ja Tuomas Matikka
Combining Part-time Work and Social Benefits: Empirical Evidence from Finland
FIT Working Paper 21, huhtikuu 2024
Tuuli Paukkeri ja Terhi Ravaska
Labour Supply Responses to Reducing the Risk of Losing Disability Insurance Benefits
FIT Working Paper 20, tammikuu 2024
Ravi Kanbur ja Matti Tuomala
How Does Predistribution Affect Redistribution?
FIT Working Paper 19, tammikuu 2024
Marika Viertola
Profit Shifting of Multinational Enterprises: Evidence from the Nordics
FIT Working Paper 18, joulukuu 2023
Jarkko Harju, Toni Juuti ja Tuomas Matikka
Stairway to Heaven? Selection into Entrepreneurship, Income Mobility and Firm Performance
FIT Working Paper 17, joulukuu 2023
Lassi Ahlvik ja Anna Sahari
Promoting Active Transport through Health Information: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial
FIT Working Paper 16, joulukuu 2023
Aliisa Koivisto
Tax Planning and Investment Responses to Dividend Taxation
FIT Working Paper 15, syyskuu 2023
Essi Eerola, Tuomas Kosonen, Kaisa Kotakorpi ja Teemu Lyytikäinen
Tax Compliance in the Rental Housing Market: Evidence from a Field Experiment
FIT Working Paper 14, kesäkuu 2023
Maria Jouste, Tina Kaidu Barugahara, Joseph Okello Ayo, Jukka Pirttilä ja Pia Rattenhuber
Taxpayer Response to Greater Progressivity: Evidence from Personal Income Tax Reform in Uganda
FIT Working Paper 13, kesäkuu 2023
Jouko Verho ja Jarkko Harju
Moral Hazard in Drug Purchases
FIT Working Paper 12, toukokuu 2023
Joonas Ollonqvist, Kaisa Kotakorpi, Mikko Laaksonen, Pekka Martikainen, Jukka Pirttilä ja Lasse Tarkiainen
Incentives, Health, and Retirement: Evidence from a Finnish Pension Reform
FIT Working Paper 11, toukokuu 2023
Xiaogeng Xu, Satu Metsälampi, Michael Kirchler, Kaisa Kotakorpi, Peter Hans Matthews ja Topi Miettinen
Which Income Comparisons Matter to People, and How? Evidence from a Large Field Experiment
FIT Working Paper 10, toukokuu 2023
Tuomas Kosonen ja Tuomas Matikka
Discrete Labor Supply: Quasi-Experimental Evidence and Implications
FIT Working Paper 9; huhtikuu 2023
Jarkko Harju, Sami Jysmä, Aliisa Koivisto ja Tuomas Kosonen
Do Household Tax Credits Increase Consumption? The Role of Demand Elasticity and the Extent of Demand
FIT Working Paper 8; maaliskuu 2023
Jarkko Harju, Ilpo Kauppinen ja Olli Ropponen
Firm Responses to an Interest Barrier: Empirical Evidence
FIT Working Paper 7; maaliskuu 2023
Terhi Ravaska
Do Reduced Working Hours for Older Workers Have Health Consequences and Prolong Work Careers?
FIT Working Paper 6; helmikuu 2023
Elina Jussila, Kaisa Kotakorpi ja Jouko Verho
Prescription Behavior of Physicians in the Public and Private Sector
FIT Working Paper 5; joulukuu 2022
Jonathan Gruber, Kristiina Huttunen ja Tuomas Kosonen
Paying Moms to Stay Home: Short and Long Run Effects on Parents and Children
FIT Working Paper 4; marraskuu 2022
Kaisa Kotakorpi ⓡ Tuomas Nurminen ⓡ Topi Miettinen ⓡ Satu Metsälampi ⓡ
Bearing the burden - Implications of tax reporting institutions and image concerns on evasion and incidence
FIT Working Paper 3; marraskuu 2022
Sebastián Castillo
Tax Policy Design in a Hierarchical Model with Occupational Decisions
FIT Working Paper 2; marraskuu 2022
Salla Kalin, Ilpo Kauppinen, Kaisa Kotakorpi ja Jukka Pirttilä
Migration and Tax Policy: Evidence from Finnish Full Population Data
FIT Working Paper 1; lokakuu 2022