PhD Course on Tax and Transfer Systems in Helsinki, 10-14 June 2024

The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Tax Systems Research (FIT) and the Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies (UCFS) will arrange a course (5 ECTS) for doctoral students in public economics, with an emphasis on tax policy.

Professors Emmanual Saez (University of California, Berkeley) and Joel Slemrod (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) will deliver lectures during the course.

The course is organised in connection of the Transatlantic Public Economics Seminar (TAPES) where course participants join as observers.

The deadline for registration is 15 April 2024. The course is free of charge.

Read more here: A PhD Course on Tax and Transfer Systems in Helsinki, 10-14 June 2024

Additional information:

Seminar Series

FIT researchers are involved in organizing three regular seminar series. All events take place in English.

FIT Seminar Series

The FIT Seminar series takes place approximately once a month at the Main Campus of the Tampere University.

The events are also streamed, here’s the permanent link to FIT seminars:

Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 658 0431 3290

POSTPONED – the new date to be announced soon:
Terhi Maczulskij, Chief Research Scientist, ETLA Economic Research
Theme: Debt burden of job loss in a Nordic welfare state
Venue: Tampere University City Centre Campus

17th April at 1:00 – 2:00 pm (EET): Matias Giaccobasso, Senior Researcher, VATT
Theme: Growing Up Over the Social Safety Net: The Effects of a Cash Transfer Program on the Transition to Adulthood
Venue: Tampere University City Centre Campus, TAU Main building, F001 Lyhty

22nd May at 1:00 – 2:00 pm (EET): Matti Sarvimäki, Associate Research Professor, VATT and Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Aalto University
Theme: tbc
Venue: Tampere University City Centre Campus, TAU Pinni B3110

2nd October at 1:00 – 2:00 pm (EET): Morten Støstad, Postdoctoral researcher, Norwegian School of Economics
Theme: tbc
Venue: Tampere University City Centre Campus

6th November 2024 at 1:00 – 2:00 pm (EET): Jonas Maibom, Associate Professor, Aarhus University
Theme: tbc
Venue: Tampere University City Centre Campus

VATT Seminar

The VATT Seminar takes place on Thursdays at 10:30 – 11:30 at VATT Institute for Economic Research in Arkadiankatu 7, Helsinki. Inquiries: events (at)

Labour and Public Economics Seminar by HGSE

The Helsinki Graduate School of Economics organises the Labor & Public Economics Seminar which takes place fortnightly on Tuesdays at 3 – 4 p.m. at Economicum in Helsinki. Inquiries: Tuomas Kosonen,, tel. +358 295 519 440

Seminar audience
Seminar audience

Major Events

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), FIT, and VATT organize and host the Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar (TAPES) in Helsinki on 12 – 14 June 2024. The event is by invitation only. Programme and practical infornmation is available on the TAPES page on this site.

Information will be updated also on NBER site.

Inquiries: Tuomas Kosonen,, tel. +358 295 519 440.

Past events and seminars

7th February 2024: Attila Lindner, Assistant Professor, University College London
Theme: Firm Heterogeneity and the Impact of Payroll Taxes

15th November 2023: Thor Olav Thoresen, Senior researcher, Statistics Norway and Oslo Fiscal Studies, University of Oslo
Theme: Explaining declining labor supply responses of married females (joint with Zhiynag Jia and Trine E. Vattø).

11th October 2023 Elena Mattana, Aarhus University:
Student Aid, Academic Achievement, and Labor Market Behavior: Grants or Loans? (Joint with Juanna S. Joensen, University of Chicago).

13th September 2023 Kristiina Huttunen, Aalto University:
Evolution of the Child Penalty

24 – 25 August 2023 Workshop in Labour Economics: Wages, Employment and Inequality in Helsinki,organised by FIT, VATT and Uppsala Center for Labor Studies at Uppsala University. See additional information on our site here.

7th June 2023 Anna Sahari, VATT Institute for Economic Research:
Incentivizing active transport through health information: evidence from a RCT (joint work with Lassi Ahlvik)

24th May 2023 Mette Ejrnæs, University of Copenhagen:
When Death was Postponed: The Effect of HIV Medication on Work, Savings, and Marriage.
Authors: Mette Ejrnæs, Esteban Garcıa-Miralles, Mette Gørtz and Petter Lundborg.

3rd May 2023 Sarah Clifford, Associate Professor at the University of Oxford and a Tutorial Fellow at St Hugh’s College:
The multinational advantage: Access to debt. (Joint with Jakob Miethe from the University of Munich, LMU)

22th March 2023 John Kennes, Associate Professor, Aarhus University:
Parental choices and the Copenhagen daycare assignment

15th March 2023 Markus Jäntti, Professor, Stockholm University:
Child poverty, labour markets and public policy in rich countries
(written jointly with Bruce Bradbury of the University of New South Wales in Australia)

8 February 2023 Terhi Ravaska, Tampere University:
Wage garnishment and labor supply

16 December 2022 Teemu Lyytikäinen, VATT Institute for Economic Research:
The impact of mortgage regulation on homeownership and household leverage (joint with Essi Eerola and Sander Ramboer)

28 October 2022 Eliza Forsythe, University of Illinois:
The Effect of Minimum Wage Policies on the Wage and Occupational Structure of Establishments

5 October 2022 Hanna Pesola, VATT Institute for Economic Research:
Costs of Job Loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1 – 2 September 2022 FIT Public Launch and research seminar in Tampere, see the programme
The transcript of the keynote speach by Joel Slemrod on What We Know About Tax Systems, How We Know It, and What We Still Need to Know? is available on our site here.

4 May 2022 Ran Sun Lyng, University of Toronto:
Job Amenities in the Market for CEOs

29 March 2022 Peter Matthews, Middlebury College, Aalto University / Helsinki GSE:
Income Rank and Individual Welfare: Experimental Evidence